Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Homes Cool Lunch Program

Home + Schooling = Flexibility

Our week has been interrupted by some usual things (like our Sign Language class today) and some unusual things (Wyatt had one of his two testing days on Wednesday, and I went out to lunch to hear a holocaust survivor speak on Tuesday).

For the boys this has meant more free time! With the slightly warmer weather, they've been able to be outside more and longer, and decided to build a tree-house. They started yesterday, and by lunch-time today had finished a platform big enough that they all could sit together and eat! Gunnar informed me that it has a wonderful view of the lake. (In case I hadn't noticed it from the house!)

Now they're working on enclosing the bottom part into a "Clubhouse", with a window. While Wyatt and Tate were at soccer practice, Gunnar and a neighbor managed to nail "siding" around the window and talked me out of an old dishtowel for a curtain.

Julius Caesar and Cleopatra will have to wait.

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