Friday, April 11, 2008

Muffins or ?

Just in case you’ve been losing sleep, wondering how really cool families like ours come by their own unique family “vocabulary”, here’s how it happens:

I was in the kitchen one day, trying out a new recipe for something I thought my boys might like – Brown Sugar Muffins. You have to understand that there are kids out there who are just wonderful about eating all kinds of things. Then there are kids who are deeply suspicious of any unfamiliar food… those would be my kids.

So the boys were playing happily upstairs and the warm, sweet smell of something good baking in the oven filled the air. But this brief moment of domestic tranquility was interrupted. Tate stomped into the kitchen, obviously upset about something, took one quick look at the nice, little, round brown muffins I was taking out of the tins to cool, and said, “You aren’t makin’ me eat those Poo Poo Balls!” and stomped back out.

Well, ironically, turns out all the boys love the muffins… Tate, most of all. But now, whenever we’re going to bring them anywhere to share with friends, we have to go through this little vocabulary exercise:

“If anyone asks you, these are MUFFINS! BROWN SUGAR MUFFINS! I am not raising DUNG BEETLES!”

Because, of course, Tate’s name stuck.

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